Can You Escape Tower 2 Secret Room Walkthrough

Guide for Can You Escape Tower 2 Secret Room Walkthrough – Find all 15 purple dragon gem on each stage to unlock secret room and solve puzzle logic & riddle code to escape all the tower room !
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Can You Escape Tower 2 Secret Room Cheats
get the shovel and tap left side
on the wall there are some shape + numbers, this is the clue
get the rock on bottom right
back to lava and place the rock as bridge
use shovel to cut on the wall
now count how many lines on each shape :
5 1 4 5
go inside the room

get the bucket and knife on floor
look at the shield and connect the picture to get a sword
tap the bridge and get the gear
pick up rock on bottom left
combine rock + gear as mold then combine it with bucket
back to the lava and place the bucket
then put the bucket on water
combine knife + bucket to get 2nd gear
tap the bridge and place the 2 gear to open the room

go inside
tap middle floor and press the left + right middle button
put the sword
tap left lever and get needle + paper
go back to the water room
go downstairs to get cloth and thread
connect the lever on floor then tap on letters like the clue : CBcdaA
outer = big letter
inner = small letter
use the lever to change inner or outer circle
get the key

back inside
tap right picture and connect the images
use the key on keyhole
go right to get knife and wood

combine these items :
needle + thread
knife + cloth
cloth + wood
now use the needle + thread to tap on each pin
use ite glider to escape


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