Can You Steal It Level 13 14 15 16 Walkthrough

Solution for Can You Steal It Level 13 14 15 16 Walkthrough – Your help how to steal the hidden items in the rooms by solving the puzzle, and find items in the unknown corners for each stage to escape the room.
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can you steal it niveau 13 14 15 16 cheat :

can you steal it stage 13 walkthrough
tap the blue box on the right cabinet shelf and solve the puzzle
get a key and use it to open the bottom right cabinet door
use the mat color to solve the code, make the pointer on these color :
green – yelow – pink – white
open the purple box and get a necklace

can you steal it stage 14 walkthrough
get a key on the soap
tap the green bottle on the mirror and remember the numbers : 2017
open the lock on under the wash basin using the code
use the key to open the pink box and get a handle
connect the handle to the 2nd drawer and get the bottle

can you steal it stage 15 walkthrough
tap the blue jar for a pink key
look at the left picture for a hint number : 5291
open the lock on left cabinet door using the code and get a screwdriver
solve the picture on the right wall to reveal a vent
use the screwdriver to open the vent and use the key to tap the box
get the accessories

can you steal it stage 16 walkthrough
look at the shoe box under the bed : lolita
turn on the laptop and enter the password
remember the item color :
bottle = yellow
bag = blue
shoe = red
tap the bottom left blue cabinet and enter the color
get the key and use it to open the right safe box
look at the bottle between the bed and the drawer, there’s a number : 2938
use these code on the safe box and get the lipstick

can you steal it nivel 13 14 15 16 video guide :


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