Stickman Creative Death Walkthrough

Stickman Creative Death Walkthrough – Cheats and Solution to help you beat all the mission level how to kill all the stickman without other stickman see a death !
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our story begins here : the cafeteria. what a magical place… to kill stickmen

stickman creative death level 1 walkthrough
tap these items :
1. cash register
2. right vending machine
3. right lamp
4. spoon on left table
5. electricity plug on 2nd floor
when the stickman is trying to plug in the cable, tap the water container
6. electricity plug on 1st floor, to burn the money and stickman
7. left lamp
8. left vending machine

oh no ! the news team is onto you ! they’re doing a report about the deaths. stop them !

stickman creative death level 2 walkthrough
tap the left slider then right slider a couple of times so the monitor screen change and blow up all 3 stickman
pull down the thermometer into half and tap the left stickman on the right room
now change the thermometer into snow when the bird is facing the window then up to the top to kill 3 stickman outside
when the stickman with camera is checking at the camera
tap the lamp and camera button


scientist are confused by the deaths & researching the bodies of your victims. Make them victims too !

stickman creative death level 3 walkthrough
tap the lamp, chemical liquid and razor on top left after you close the death stickman
do these before the last stickman comes in, because the zombie stickman will kill it
now tap the zombie cable to make the zombie fall

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