Can You Steal It Level 17 18 19 20 Walkthrough

Cheat for Can You Steal It Level 17 18 19 20 Walkthrough – Your help how to steal the hidden items in the rooms by solving the puzzle, and find items in the unknown corners for each stage to escape the room.
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can you steal it niveau 17 18 19 20 cheat :

can you steal it stage 17 walkthrough
look at the map on the board there are 3 color :
blue – red – green
tap the left drawer and use the color to open
get the africa shape
look at the left africa map and use the africa shape on the map
remember the number from hole : 2 5 8 1
use the code to open the right drawer on left cabinet
get a puzzle piece
look under the right table and get another puzzle piece
tap the green box on the left cabinet shelf and put the missing piece from inventory
complete the picture and get the can you steal it book

can you steal it stage 18 walkthrough
plug the cable right to the table and turn on the computer
tap the left picture on wall and solve the picture to get the number : 9258
enter these code to the monitor
remember the balloon position :
o x o o
o o x o
x o o x
use these code to open the left drawer and get a key
use the key to open the desk left drawer and get the pen

can you steal it stage 19 walkthrough
look at the book color on the shelf : red – orange – blue
solve the picture on right wall then enter the color to open the box
you will find a block with letters : D O N U T
tap the bear on bed to see a paper with numbers : 2714
use these code to open the box on left table and get a key
use the key to open the right drawer
open the purple box using code DONUT and get the dragon toy

can you steal it stage 20 walkthrough
get the spray on the small chair
pick up the towel on wash tub
look at the shower and clean the dirt using spray + towel
remember the dot color : green – blue – red
tap the right picture of an island and remember the 4 symbol on frame :
circle – square
diamond – triangle
tap the blue box on the mirror and enter 2 codes to open
get a handle and connect it to the cabinet door
look at the blue bottle on the bathtub : 750 ml
enter the number on safe box and get the shoes

can you steal it nivel 17 18 19 20 video guide :


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