Can You Steal It Level 21 22 23 24 Walkthrough

Help for Can You Steal It Level 21 22 23 24 Walkthrough – Your help how to steal the hidden items in the rooms by solving the puzzle, and find items in the unknown corners for each stage to escape the room.
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can you steal it niveau 21 22 23 24 cheat :

can you steal it stage 21 walkthrough
look at the book on the desk, remember the color :
green – blue – red
open the middle cabinet door using the book color
obtain a magnifying glass
look at the map and use the magnifying glass to reveal the code : 1986
tap the laptop and enter the number
you will find a number 3 – orange

get a handle from trash can and connect it to the bottom right cabinet door
get a cloth inside
clean the globe using cloth and reveal number 9 – blue

get a pencil from the white box on the left
look at the paper on the bottom right desk
use the pencil on the paper and reveal number 5 – white

tap the bottom left cabinet door and enter the number based on the color :
9 5 3
get the rubix cube

can you steal it stage 22 walkthrough
tap the left lamp and remember the color : blue – green – red
click the bottom left sofa, enter the color to the box
get a CD
tap the right pillow and get a battery

look at the pink box on the left
the hint is on the flower picture
enter ‘rose’ as code to open the box and get a key
use the key to open the bottom right drawer to get a remote
combine the remote + batteries together and use it on the phone
put the CD on the player
look at the TV for a number clue : 1984
use the code to open the right cabinet door and get the phone

can you steal it stage 23 walkthrough
look at the cabinet door color : green – red – blue
use these color to open the blue box on the right and get a green key
use the key to open the green cabinet door and get the handle

connect the handle to open blue cabinet door
get a screwdriver handle

get a black key on the left shelf
use the key to open the black box on the right and get a screwdriver tip

combine both handle + tip to get a complete screwdriver
look at 3 blue box on the right shelf and remember the numbers : 2 14 9
solve the left picture to reveal a safe
enter 2149 to open and use the screwdriver to open the box
get a spider-man ticket

can you steal it stage 24 walkthrough
tap the blue cup and remember the flower color :
purple – orange – blue
tap the purple box on the right sofa for necklace
enter the color to the dots and open it for a year clue : 1925
tap the diary book on right table and enter the code
get a piece of paper inside

look at the paper note on left table :
latte – mocha
tap on the coffee menu on bar :
coffe latte 3.86
coffe mocha 4.28
add the numbers

enter the code to the blue box on the left shelf : 814
get another piece of paper
tap the right picture and put on the missing pieces for name hint : EMILE

get a flashlight behind the coffee glass on the shelf
use the flashlight under the left sofa and get a key
use the key to open the green door on right behind the bar
enter EMILE on the safe box and get a coffee grill

can you steal it nivel 21 22 23 24 video guide :


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