Detective Story Hazard Pay Walkthrough

Cheat for Detective Story Hazard Pay Walkthrough – Investigate homicides around the city, feel the thrills of new york ! examine evidence, search for clues and find hidden objects to solve cases so you can arrest the criminals !
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Detective Story Level 9 Solution
pick up pills on middle shelf
put it on the left scale to see the weight : 1055
input the number to the box on sink to get a bottle
use the bottle on top shelf to the vials to see color
red blue black green yellow
use these code to the box on middle table and get a sprayer

connect the sprayer to the vanish bottle on right floor
use it to clean blood on left wall : WMSF
these are the first letters of days
tap right calendar and look at the numbers with cross mark
W = 1
M = 6
S = 5
F = 3
enter the number to the middle box above moneys
pick up tweezers and bottle

tap the bottle on middle shelf and use the tweezers to reach the key
look for box on right floor
first use the bottle to clean the rust from the lock
now use key to open it and get battery

take the jerrycan on left suitcase and tap the red machine on middle
use the jerrycan + battery to reveal numbers on mirror : 8261
enter these code on left suitcase to get gun
use the gun to open right door and kill the man inside
take the key on floor and use it to open the right box to finish the game

Detective Story Level 9 Hazard Pay Video Guide Solutions


Join the Police of New York to solve a series of murder cases in this captivating room escape and hidden objects adventure game. Are you ready to prove your detective skills? Then dive into “Detective Story” and become a New York City detective pursuing justice.
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