Detective Story One Man’s Treasure Walkthrough

Cheat for Detective Story One Man’s Treasure Walkthrough – Investigate homicides around the city, feel the thrills of new york ! examine evidence, search for clues and find hidden objects to solve cases so you can arrest the criminals !
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Detective Story Level 3 Solution
pick up knife on table and use it to cut the picture on the left wall
use the picture to get light bulb on the closet
connect the light bulb to the corner and get the statue
tap the floor and use the statue to break the floor
pick up the key and use it to open box on table for antenna
put the antenna on tv to reval code : 4615
use these numbers to open box on sofa
obtain a candle and wheel

use the candle on fireplace to lit it and take it back
tap right sofa and connect the wheel to move it
use candle to get a ring from finger
put the finger on left statue above fireplace
obtain vials and use it to get blood sample on floor
give it to the scientist sitting on left
he will give you some note with numbers : 7365

use this code to the safe behind right picture on wall
get the photo and you’re done for this stage

Detective Story Level 3 One Man’s Treasure Video Guide Solutions


Join the Police of New York to solve a series of murder cases in this captivating room escape and hidden objects adventure game. Are you ready to prove your detective skills? Then dive into “Detective Story” and become a New York City detective pursuing justice.
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