Detention Escape Game Scene 9 Walkthrough

Cheat for Medal of the secret Detention Escape Game Scene 9 Walkthrough – You can find a box of medals in this room. Medal box is a very important thing for this room escape. Oh! I had forgotten important information. The medal box is useless without a medal. Good luck!
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detention escape game level 9 Cheats
get air pump on floor and open box for knife
take tube on bottom cabinet drawer and open left cabinet for tape
combine tape + tube and place it between left cabinet
use air pump to the tube and get a medal

take paper on right wall and sunglasses on right cabinet
combine both items to get X mark on the paper
it’s the position of floor tile
get hammer on right cabinet and use it to break left floor tile for medal

open right locker for gift box
flip the book on desk for another medal and get the cola
dismantle the gift box to get a bear
combine bear + knife to get the last medal

open bottom left desk drawer for medal box
combine all medals into medal box to get a paper clue
observe it to find some numbers mirrored
just read 1 of the numbers each : 9 4 5 6
enter this code to right safe box for rust key

combine rust key + cola and get key
open left door with key and escape
proceed to detention escape game scene 10


step by step detention escape game stage 9 video guide

Obtained items can be examined, dismantled, and combined for new hints. Use your smarts and logical reasoning to find your way out!
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