Detention : Escape game Walkthrough

Guide for Detention : Escape game Walkthrough – Test and challenge your deduction skills through much more elaborate and solidified stages! Discover the hidden items located in various rooms and uncover clues to escape. Don’t miss even the slightest detail! Even a small scrap of paper in the corner can be a hint to freedom! Obtained items can be examined, dismantled, and combined for new hints. Use your smarts and logical reasoning to find your way out!
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Welcome. From now on, i will give you the basics you need to escape from here. Although it might be difficult, i think you are capable of doing it. However, the previous entrant did not preserve long enough, and met his end here. Don’t let this happen to you. This locked door is only the smalles part of the trials you will have to face. So don’t give up easily!

Detention Escape game level 1 walkthrough
What do you think about the color purple? Do you think it symbolizes bad luck, because it is the color of the dead? But did you know that purple can bring youth, desire, delight and life?

open right book and get a paper
observe it to see a hint for death (158) number
take red diary on shelf and observe it
find the one that match the number, it’s purple (C158)
open lampt table drawer for keys
dismantle the keys and pick the purple color key
use it to open the door and escape
move to the next scene

step by step Detention : Escape game stage 1 video guide

choose the floor stage from the elevator and find the guide how to escape the room :
detention escape game scene 1 walkthrough 7 colors of the key
detention escape game scene 2 walkthrough Get a strike
detention escape game scene 3 walkthrough The secret of sound
detention escape game scene 4 walkthrough There is no key
detention escape game scene 5 walkthrough I can hear the sound of the
detention escape game scene 6 walkthrough The weight of the ice
detention escape game scene 7 walkthrough The key is behind of
detention escape game scene 8 walkthrough Turn the volume up
detention escape game scene 9 walkthrough Medal of the secret
detention escape game scene 10 walkthrough The Door is in flames
detention escape game scene 11 walkthrough Make Magnets
detention escape game scene 12 walkthrough Find Z
detention escape game scene 13 walkthrough Last Escape


The game that will awaken and stimulate your brain development! Everything is perfect! All you need is your reasoning power! Think outside of the box. Sometimes, it pays to follow your gut instincts! Stay alert and listen. Sometimes, even sounds can help you successfully escape!

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