Escape Machine City Level 8 Walkthrough

Guide for Observatory Escape Machine City Level 8 Walkthrough – From here our brilliant astronomers watched the stars… and from here they saw the inevitable destruction of machine city! Try to unlock the door to the small lift leading to the roofs across. Escape game with stunning 3D graphics and visual effects, dozens of unique puzzle code and challenges! Operate numerous fascinating machines, search for hints to guide you !
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Escape Machine City Stage 8 Cheats
pick up flashlight on the left stairs
look at the bucken on middle floor
take the lens and use flashlight on the UV bucket

look on right table with papers
use flashlight to reveal some codes :
NS 320/04
EW 090/270
open the drawers to get paper, wrench and saw

go to left machine
use saw to cut the bottom iron and get the circle
use wrench to unscrew bottom panel by rotating it
tap the button and slide it open
connect the pipes line to solve the puzzle

look at the telescope
attach the circle on right side
play the simon says game 3x to open the telescope
add the lens then rotate the circle on right side

look through the telescope and you can move the slider on :
left to 320.40
right to 90.270
top to middle right until you see 6 bright stars
insert the paper and press the red button
take the paper back

go to right table and place the paper
now you need to follow the symbols like the arrow clue order
go down through the stairs and change the symbols like the hint
door will open and you can tap the door to escape
proceed to escape machine city level 9


step by step escape machine city observatory level 8 video guide

Can you escape Machine City? An imminent destruction is facing the town, and you are the only one left behind…
Discover a strangely unique machine world that is trapped on a high cliff in a desolated wasteland.
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