Doomsday Escape Level 10 Walkthrough

Solution for Doomsday Escape Level 10 Walkthrough – It reeks in these barracks! No need to stay here for long. But how do we open that door? Find other survivors by solving the puzzle trap on each 15 stage and escape through every door !
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Doomsday Escape Level 10 Cheats
tap left board to get 4 color of flags and memorize the color clue on map :
1 = blue
2 = yellow
3 = red
4 = green
place the flags on the table and rearrange the color of flags with correct numbers
get the dog tag under map and grenade on chair

take the fire extinguisher on right wall and use it to break the lock of the left locker
get the shirt and input code 354 from dots that you can see on this room :
left board = 3
middle table = 5
right wall = 4
get the gun

look at right window and insert all the items from inventory one by one to get a check list
pick up the red card and use it on the slot to open the door


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