Doomsday Escape Level 11 Walkthrough

Cheat for Doomsday Escape Level 11 Walkthrough – These doors won’t open easily… They are controlled by those cogwheels… Find other survivors by solving the puzzle trap on each 15 stage and escape through every door !
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Doomsday Escape Level 11 Cheats
look at right numbers on right plate : 3742
use this code to open the table drawer on middle for wrench
open the book to see the blue graph line, memorize this clue

tap left stair and get a crowbar on the locker
open the box using the blue line from book to slide (top to bottom) :
3rd 1st 2nd 2nd
obtain a drill inside

use crowbar to open the table drawer for drill battery
now combine drill + battery
tap the gear on left side and use drill to open the screws on left
take the rope and connect it to the right roller
use the wrench to open the bolt and take all the cogs

tap right door and get the chain on left
use the chain on left gear then look at the paper clue with direction

look at the door and tap on the box on right
place all the cogs and move the blue color into :
left – right – right – up
door will open and you can escape to stage 13


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