Doomsday Escape Level 14 Walkthrough

Cheats for Doomsday Escape Level 14 Walkthrough – We’re almost free! As they say, always seek knowledge. Maybe there is some hint in the books ?.. Find other survivors by solving the puzzle trap on each 15 stage and escape through every door !
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Doomsday Escape Level 14 Cheats
get 2 needles on right wall and remember the color clue :
purple – red – green
pick up knife on the table and memorize the cup color :
red purple yellow green
tap the bookshelf and change the book color on top to open the box
get the book on shelf

pick up a magnifying glass on left sofa and use the knife to cut the pillow open
get the green diamond
place the book on middle table and use magnifying glass to read the numbers : 5274
tap left cabinet and enter the code
use the needles to pop up the balloons and pick up 2 diamonds

place all diamonds to the box on bookshelf and order the color into purple – red – green
obtain a key and use it to open the left box for ax

go to right door and use the ax to break the door open
escape to stage 15


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