Dooors Apex Level 21 22 23 24 25 Walkthrough

Solutions for Dooors Apex Level 21 22 23 24 25 Walkthrough – Solve the puzzle logic to open the doors apex and complete all the stage using items, or making full use of smartphone gestures such as shaking or tilting the device!
DOOORS A – room escape game by 58WORKS on iphone / android device


Dooors Apex Level 21 Walkthrough
there’s a clock on this room with roman numerals
pull down the lever so the board reveal roman numbers
the numbers under it means you need to separate how many numbers
enter 8 3 9 5 to open door

Dooors Apex Level 22 Walkthrough
to open the wall hatch you need to tilt your phone like the phone picture position
combine the symbols + lines to get currency and order them using white dot
change the button flag into : JAPAN – EUROPE – UK – USA

Dooors Apex Level 23 Walkthrough
by looking at the door position on wall you need to find the correct numbers under the lamp :
3 0
7 1
now tap the button like the spike direction :
Right Left Right Right Left Left Right

Dooors Apex Level 24 Walkthrough
code for circle + pi = 3.141
look at the diamonds color on the ceiling and order it from bottom to top
change the color from bottom ladder :
Yellow Red Blue Green White

Dooors Apex Level 25 Walkthrough
open the hatch and tap the button to turn on the lamp using the clue on ceiling


Solve the hidden mysteries to open the doors and break out of the mysterious rooms. Return to all DOOORS APEX Walkthrough list

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