Doors and Rooms 3 Chapter 2 Stage 10 Walkthrough

Doors and Rooms 3 Chapter 2 Stage 10 Walkthrough – D&R3 game cheats where you use items to solve the puzzle & riddle to escape a room and find secret item.
Doors&Rooms 3 by gameday Inc. on android and ios iphone / ipad


doors and rooms 3 level 2-10 solution :
get knife on chair and use it on bottom left bear on bed to obtain door A key
pick up chain on table lamp and use it on beaker
turn on the heat and pick up the beaker
use knife to get key mold on table
combine beaker + mold then dismantle it to get key
use key to open the cabinet for can opener and tube

pick up dog food on floor and combine with can opener to open it
use it on dog bowl, then get 2nd tube on right shelf

tap left device and put 2 tubes on the empty slot
change the pointer direction like the teddy bear’s eyes for each symbol
the answers : down right – down left – up left – right
get the A chip and combine with the door A key
memorize the numbers on tubes : 79581
use key on the door slot and enter the code from tube

move to next room
tap right table for perfume bottle and paper clue
get a bottle from left shelf and combine with the perfume
use it to paper on left table to reveal clue :
left right left right right left
enter these direction on left device, then take a look on paper clue for symbol
press :
snowman – umbrella – thunder – sun – cloud
get a cd record and put it on the player on middle table
memorize the height of “volume” for clue
tap book on shelf like the volume height : 4 3 5 1 6 2

move to 3rd room
use perfume to box on table to reveal clue NEWS with 4 symbol
back to 1st room and change the device pointer direction like the hint
N = north E = east W = west S = south
you will find a new numbers : 19528

enter the code and tap the button to get key
use it to open right hatch
get door B key and tap on each green button then do the math where you will get answer : 17593
use door B on left door and enter code to exit !


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