Doors and Rooms Zero Laboratory Stage 301 Walkthrough

Doors and Rooms Zero Laboratory Stage 301 Walkthrough – Find items and use, combine or dismantle it to solve the puzzle on this room so you can get code and key to escape the room !
прохождение Doors&Rooms Zero by gameday Inc.


doors & rooms zero labaratory room 301 walkthrough
pick up bottle from left cabinet
get the orange bottle under the desk
use both bottle on the sink
open left locker and use it on the sink to reveal color
use the rope color to change the button for box on bed :
green – yellow – red – blue – black – purple
tap ok and get the red gnome
open left table drawer to get a wheel

look at the clock on right
put wheel on left side and gnome on small tree stump
obtain a USB squirrel
connect it to left usb and look at the screen
you will find a maze, connect the in and out path to get numbers : 1 7 2 5

use the number as clock’s time 17:25
pick up pills on top of the bed and dismantle it
connect the red button to the clock and you will get a key from cuckoo clock

use key to unlock the door and open it, proceed to doors & rooms room 302


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