Doors and Rooms Zero Laboratory Stage 302 Walkthrough

Doors and Rooms Zero Laboratory Stage 302 Walkthrough – Find items and use, combine or dismantle it to solve the puzzle on this room so you can get code and key to escape the room !
прохождение Doors&Rooms Zero by gameday Inc.


doors & rooms zero labaratory room 302 walkthrough
open the locker to get a hammer
pick up screwdriver on floor and use it to open right box
get the gun
grab the tube under left table
combine both item and use it to the chain on middle
use hammer to break the chain
now rotate the wheel
use hammer to break middle glass for key

look at right monitor for dots clue
HOME = 2120
these puzzle means how many dot each letter left on each shape for 3×3 dots
open left box with clue CITY, the answer is 2645
obtain a battery inside
tap left hatch door near screen and press the arrow in correct order following the direction
insert the battery then the door will be unlocked
continue to doors & rooms room 303


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