Doors and Rooms Zero Toy Stage 409 Walkthrough

Doors and Rooms Zero Toy Stage 409 Walkthrough – Find items and use, combine or dismantle it to solve the puzzle on this room so you can get code and key to escape the room !
прохождение Doors&Rooms Zero by gameday Inc.


doors & rooms zero toy room 409 walkthrough
get screwdriver on right box and apple on left bowl
take clock on wall and dismantle it for crescent
dismantle apple 2x for worm
open left drawer and put the crescent to see leaf
press each leaf and memorize the clock time
now apply the direction to the leaves on right tree :
left – down – right – left – up right – up left – up right
get the apple on dog’s bowl and axe on left shelf

use screwdriver + axe by combining them, then combine it with worm and apple
dismantle the apple for code :
dog – robot
pumpkin – bear
use these code to open door and exit to doors & rooms room 410


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