Doors and Rooms Zero Toy Stage 410 Walkthrough

Doors and Rooms Zero Toy Stage 410 Walkthrough – Find items and use, combine or dismantle it to solve the puzzle on this room so you can get code and key to escape the room !
прохождение Doors&Rooms Zero by gameday Inc.


doors & rooms zero toy room 410 walkthrough
get the hammer and octopus doll on right shelf then use it on left board
follow the line to get correct number : 5 2 7 8
enter this code on right box for screwdriver
get banana from right drawer and give it to monkey
pick up the key on tree

use screwdriver on the horse for man
place the man on train for handle
connect the handle to the left tree
dismantle hammer and use it on the tree
get the battery on right and insert it on right star for color order :
red green blue yellow
tap these color order on right button for box

combine key + box for numbers : 59314
enter these code to open door and exit


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