Elevator Escape Level 3 Lobby Walkthrough

Cheats for Elevator Escape Level 3 Lobby Walkthrough on floor 0 where you need to solve the puzzle on each hotel room and find hidden lift button to move on for next floor ! there are 6 parts of stage to complete in order to escape from elevator room.
прохождение Elevator Escape by Amphibius Developers on android device


Elevator Escape Lobby Cheats :
get a paper and knife behind the lobby desk
use the knife to cut the right chair for code : DELUX
insert the paper on typewriter and enter the word
you will see numbers : 4302
use the code to open box on left floor for record
play the record on left gramaphone to get key
use the key to open the folder on middle table for code : 763921
tap the telephone numbers on lobby desk to get paper code : 9666
open the box under right table with these numbers, get a green jewel and memorize the watch numbers
tap the right clock and set the time into 8:15
obtain a key and blue jewel

use the key to open the fridge on the right corner
take glass of water and pliers
use the pliers to take the yellow jewel out from ring on left table
use the water on left flower pot for red jewel

if you look at the folder on table you will see color code :
yellow – green – red – blue
tap the box on the shelf and place the correct order
you will get the button for next stage


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