Elevator Escape Level 5 Economy Suite Walkthrough

Solutions for Elevator Escape Level 5 Economy Suite Walkthrough on floor 2 where you need to solve the puzzle on each hotel room and find hidden lift button to move on for next floor ! there are 6 parts of stage to complete in order to escape from elevator room.
прохождение Elevator Escape by Amphibius Developers on android device


Elevator Escape Economy Suite Cheats :
tap middle table to get a book
get a bread on left table
pick up knife on right table
use the knife to get lace from shirt that hanging on left
combine the lace to the paper clip on middle table
use the lace to get handle on the fish bowl on right table
connect the handle to left window and open it
give the bread to pigeon for paper clue

tap the piano and use the paper clue to see the number of each color
press : red green yellow blue pink
get the statue and place it on the right shelf
order the statue height for garden shears

tap the cactus and use the shears to cut it for clue
square circle square +

use shears to cut the vines on right, open it and insert the book
tap the book to change the shape
get key and use it to get the button for last stage


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