Empty Room Escape Walkthrough

Empty Room Escape Walkthrough Cheats – You are in the locked room, so find and use different items and hints that can help you solve puzzles then finally escape.
Empty Room Escape app game By Zhiqiang Huang on android and iphone


empty room escape video cheats guide :

how to play empty room game :
Collect items by clicking on them. If you want to use the item, selct it by clicking on the appropriate cell in the inventory on the right. Select item has a white frame around its icon.
Some items can be combined.
If you want to stop playing and continue later press “save” button. Then use botton “load game” in the main menu.

Empty Room Escape Solution
tap the chair and get a red pencil under the chair, also look at the QR code there are 4 numbers on each side

go to the left room and tap the middle wall and stripped the wallpaper
get a paper on floor then look at the right safe on wall
enter 4 numbers from QR code :
top : 7
left : 2
right : 8
bottom : 5
get a magnet and black tube inside

look at the box on left floor
get a paper behind the box and use the pencil on the paper to reveal code :
CLOSE +17 6
look at the code on box there are 3×3 button that you can change into – or .
look at the morse code paper on inventory, you need to spell SOS using morse code
the answer is :
1st row : . . .
2nd row : – – –
3rd row : . . .
get a screwdriver inside then tap the box for another chess puzzle
you need to move the knight piece with L movement, tap on these squares :
7 4 1
2 x 6
5 8 3
get a key and wire cutter inside

go to the left room
tap the door and get a stick above the door, combine it with magnet

move to the right room and tap the bottom right wall for plug
use screwdriver to open it and get a key using magnet on the hole

go to the right room
tap the chair and check the bottom part, use screwdriver to remove the screw to get the chair legs

move to the right room
place the chair legs on left wall then tap the top side to climb up
use the wire cutter to cut the bars open and tap the red button

go to the other side where you can see room with safe
tap the left safe and open it for a key

back to the other side
look the SOS bottom left side to use the key on the keyhole and open it
obtain key and minus screwdriver
tap the floor right side, where you can open the floor board using the minus screwdriver
flip the board for number clue : -6 +16 +6

look at the black tube on inventory
add the CLOSE alphabet with the numbers :
C +17 = T
L +6 = R
O -6 = I
S -16 = C
E +6 = K
now change the letters from black tube into TRICK
get a key inside


go to the door and tap the door handle
use the screwdriver to remove the handle cover, put the EXIT key one by one and tap the door open
congratulations ! you have escaped

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