Washitsu Room Escape Game Walkthrough

Japanese style room escape game cheats : washitsu room escape game walkthrough guide how to find 2 parts of wooden key by solving the puzzle tricks using hidden items in this room and escape.
脱出ゲーム 和室 app game By koji morimoto on android and iphone


Washitsu Solution
move to the right and grab the box on the table, also get a blue scroll under the table
get a red scroll right to the cabinet, open it from inventory for 5 dots hint
these are the position of the dumpling balls on table
from the position you can get these color :
white – pink – white – green – green
enter these color to the box and obtain a candle

move to the other side
tap the picture on the right, now open the blue scroll
these are hints to tap on the corner of the picture frame
the answers are :
bottom right – top right – bottom left – top left – top right
get a paper lamp inside

look at the left shelf
get the left box and there’s a hint of 3 missing number shape : 739
enter these code to open box for a yellow cube

get the right box and there’s a cat picture
you need to change all the square on the box to match the cat
tap on these squares :
x o x
x x x
o x o
get a match box inside

check under the shelf there’s a label with forest kanji and number 8

go to the left room
open the pot and look behind the lid for mountain kanji with number 2
use the cube to get water from the pot
open the blue scroll and use the water on it to reveal more kanji hints
tap the hanging scroll on top and enter 6832 to the box
get the left part of the wooden key inside

go to the left room and look on the shelf, there’s a candle stick
place the candle and light a fire using match
place the paper lamp on the candle and reveal some symbol
now open the red scroll for the symbol order
tap the right cabinet and using the symbol guide, you will have to tap these drawer :
3 x x
1 5 2
x x 4
pick up the right part of the wooden key

combine both wooden key and go to the door to insert it on the right side
open the right door and escape


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