Escape 2 Prison Grindhouse Walkthrough

Escape 2 Prison Grindhouse Walkthrough Cheat how to find your way out from the prison ! It’s The Hardest Escape Game Ever – Can You Escape? Your mission on Episode #2 : Cut Power & Open the Electric Door. However,to do OPEN the electric door, you’ll need to gather some items and use those items in solving puzzles.
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Escape 2 : Prison Break – Grindhouse – Death Proof Solution
get a green wire on right side of electric chair
tap the top right vent to get a grey wire
move to the left room
tap the right pipe to get a screwdriver
click the washbasin under the middle handle to pick up a blue wire

go to left room
tap the ventilation fan and get the key
obtain another key from the table
get a yellow wire under the chair
look behind the locker to get a red wire
open the locker left door and pick up 2 items : film and flashlight
tap the switch on the wall
click the left switch to turn off the lamp and reveal a code with flashlight
click the right switch to turn on the vent fan
tap the box on the locker and get a key
open the right locker door and get a wood doll

tap the photos on wall and remember the position of each lever
move to the right room, now you need to tap these lever :
1st, 4th and 5th
you will hear a sound, tap the left washbasin and put the doll in then pick it up

go to the right room with electric chair
look at the film on inventory for color code
tap the left box and change the color into :
yellow – blue – green – red
move to the right room, tap the panel and enter password : 814
pull down the lever

back to the left room and put the wood doll to the electric chair
there will be electric short
go to the left room twice so you can see the door
tap the door panel and congratulations ! episode 2 done 🙂


Escape 2 : Grindhouse video cheats guide :

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