Escape Prison Break Shawshank Walkthrough

Escape Prison Break Shawshank Walkthrough Cheat how to find your way out from the prison ! It’s The Hardest Escape Game Ever – Can You Escape? Your mission on Episode #1 : Find The Hammer. To find the hammer, you’ll need to gather some items and use those items in solving puzzles.
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Escape : Prison Break – Act 1 Solution
get the box on the shelf and pick up a needle under the shelf
get a key from lower right behind the bars
go to the left room and tap the top bookshelf, you will hear a sound
obtain a magnet under the chair

move to the right twice where you can see a bedroom
get a poster from the wall
tap the ladder, there’s a small hole.. tap it
get a battery from the hole
lift the pillow and get a cassette tape

go to the right
pick up a battery behind the lower bed

move to the right room
tap the wash basin and look at the sink hole, get a key
tap the sewer on floor and obtain a cork
use the cork on the washbasin sink
tap the valve to fill the water, put the paper into the water
it will turned red, pick it up

go back to the jail bars
select the blue box and use 2 keys to open the lock
get a cassette player from the box
select the red paper then select the cassette tape to reveal hidden numbers : 814
use this code to open the book lock
get a hammer inside, select the hammer and tap it
congratulations ! episode 1 done 🙂


Escape – Prison Break ( Shawshank ) video cheats guide :

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