Escape 2048 Level 10 Walkthrough

Guide for Escape 2048 Level 10 Walkthrough the comm center room – You wake up and it’s year 2048 ! can you escape from the futuristic room ? collect and combine items, solve puzzles and crack codes to escape the room and reach new stage.
Escape 2048 by Goblin LLC on android and iphone device


escape 2048 niveau 10 solution :
get a disk on middle floor and emergency message on left floor
look at the middle monitor screen there are 3 task you need to set :
– channels : 20 and 48
– area coordinates
– message

tap the left side and change the numbers on screen into 48 and 20

tap the left monitor and insert the disk to reveal the earth coordinates
tap the right side for galaxy screen
move the pointer to : 6052.2048 so it locate earth position

tap the right monitor and repair the transmission signal
change the order of signal color into :
red – green – blue – yellow – purple
now use emergency message from inventory to middle screen
tap send signal to upload message and you will have the door open !
exit to stage 11


Escape 2048 Nivel 10 Video Cheats Guide :

The year is 2048! Do you have the brains to solve its hardest rooms and puzzles? Play to find out… or drift unconscious into outer space forever!
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