Escape 2048 Walkthrough

Guide for Escape 2048 Walkthrough in the first room : cryo chambers – You wake up and it’s year 2048 ! can you escape from the futuristic room ?
Escape 2048 by Goblin LLC on android and iphone device
the android girl will help you how to play this game :
you have finally awoken after 24 years of cryogenic sleep ! you must escape station 2048 if you want to live !
Let me show you how things work around here !


escape 2048 niveau 1 solution :
look at the card on left floor, pick it up and use it on the left console
tap the right floor to see the codes : 3159 where you need to decrease all numbers with -1
enter 2048 on the console to have the door open a little
get the pipe on left side and use it to open the door gap
move forward to stage 2

Escape 2048 Nivel 1 Video Cheats Guide :

The year is 2048! The future of space travel, laser weapons and aliens is now! You are awaken after years of cryogenic sleep on a mysterious space station, full of amazing technologies! As the oxygen is slowly running out, a beautiful female robot is guiding you through the rooms, encouraging your advances. Sneak your way past mind breaking puzzles, trick whole laboratories to work for you and even blast your way using advanced weapons if you want to escape! But this is no easy task – nobody has used those doors or machines for decades, some of them have even turned into deadly traps, so watch out! You must go through each of them in order to make contact with Earth, and escape using the emergency pods. Are you brave enough to venture into this abandoned station? Do you have the brains to solve its hardest rooms and puzzles? Play to find out… or drift unconscious into outer space forever!

all escape 2048 cheats :
escape 2048 level 2 walkthrough : lounge area
escape 2048 level 3 walkthrough : sick bay
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escape 2048 level 8 walkthrough : fusion core
escape 2048 level 9 walkthrough : ground motor
escape 2048 level 10 walkthrough : comm center

escape 2048 level 11 walkthrough : waste station
escape 2048 level 12 walkthrough : armory
escape 2048 level 13 walkthrough : missile turret
escape 2048 level 14 walkthrough : hangar
escape 2048 level 15 walkthrough : engine room


escape 2048 level 16 walkthrough : alien research lab
escape 2048 level 17 walkthrough : gardens
escape 2048 level 18 walkthrough : outer space
escape 2048 level 19 walkthrough : main bridge
escape 2048 level 20 walkthrough : escape pods

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