Escape 2048 Level 2 Walkthrough

Help for Escape 2048 Level 2 Walkthrough the lounge area room – You wake up and it’s year 2048 ! can you escape from the futuristic room ? collect and combine items, solve puzzles and crack codes to escape the room and reach new stage.
Escape 2048 by Goblin LLC on android and iphone device


escape 2048 niveau 2 solution :
look at the fruit on table, move the apple to get a coin
use the coin on left vending machine then press these colors :
blue – yellow – green – red
get the hammer and use it on the music jukebox
take the card and use it on the door

Escape 2048 Nivel 2 Video Cheats Guide :


The year is 2048! Do you have the brains to solve its hardest rooms and puzzles? Play to find out… or drift unconscious into outer space forever!
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