Escape 2048 Level 8 Walkthrough

Hint for Escape 2048 Level 8 Walkthrough the fusion core room – You wake up and it’s year 2048 ! can you escape from the futuristic room ? collect and combine items, solve puzzles and crack codes to escape the room and reach new stage.
Escape 2048 by Goblin LLC on android and iphone device


escape 2048 niveau 8 solution :
get a cable on the middle, pliers on right side and yellow tube on right floor
tap the screen and press the these buttons to make security override :
o o o
o x o
x o o
now you can control the ladder

tap the lever on left side down to make the electricity off
use the pliers to cut the top cable then connect the cable with the one from inventory
use the yellow tube to connect the cable on left and right
now turn on the electricity by pulling up the left lever

look at the ladder control screen and press down then you can climb the ladder to escape for stage 9


Escape 2048 Nivel 8 Video Cheats Guide :

The year is 2048! Do you have the brains to solve its hardest rooms and puzzles? Play to find out… or drift unconscious into outer space forever!
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