Escape Challenge Level 2 Walkthrough

putsisgames room escape game answers : escape challenge level 2 walkthrough
a green elephant painting on left wall
a table on the left and cabinet on the right
a clock above the door


escape challenge level 2 solution :
click the clock and remember the time : 02:35
press the table drawer and enter the 4 digits of code
open and get the key
click the top right side of the painting to get a round blue shape

open the right cabinet with key
look at the top shelf, inside you’ll find the 3 ducks and pokemon ball, get the yellow half round shape
look at the bottom shelf : 2103

tap the middle shelf and click under the cover to see the pins :
press the pins : 2x 1x 0x 3x
then press the cover to get a green rectangle shape


back to left table and press the 2nd drawer
place all 3 shape and open the drawer to get the key
open the door using this key

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