Escape Challenge Level 1 Walkthrough

putsisgames room escape game answers : escape challenge level 1 walkthrough
Welcome to play ! on stage 1 you will find :
a room with cabinet on left side
green sofa on right side
a picture on right wall
a door in the middle


escape challenge level 1 solution :
1. click the cabinet on left
2. click the bottom drawer to view a note “2134”
3. remember the number and close the note
4. then click on the top drawer
5. insert the numbers by tapping * pads
after done, don’t forget to click the cabinet handle in order to open it and get the item to inventory

you just found a flashlight ! tap on the flashlight to select it
while the flashlight is highlighted, you can use it, you just need to find a place where to use it

click under the green sofa to zoom in and get the key to inventory
use the key to open the door


tips :
if you have entered the code or done something else, click the handle, door, hatch or drawer in order to open it, these things will not open by themself…
and make sure the item you are going to use is highlighted

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