Room Escape – Apartment Walkthrough

Room Escape – Apartment is an escape game made by the same developer that made Room Escape. In this game, you will need to open the apartment door with 6 keys which are hidden inside the apartment. You will need to find those 6 keys, and to get them usually you will need to solve a puzzle first. Note that some puzzle require you to tilt or shake the device. Here’s the complete walkthrough on how to get the keys in Room Escape – Apartment:


1. Start with the first picture you see in front of you, tap on it, and arrange it so that it looks like err.. a real picture! :D.

Room Escape - Apartment Click PictureRoom Escape Apartment - Arrange the PictureRoom Escape Apartment - First Key

Once you’ve arranged the picture, you will see a key suddenly showing up on the right side of the frame. Tap on the key to put it in the inventory. Now you have one out of the six keys needed to escape the apartment.

2. Now move to the left side of the room where you can see a sofa, and tap that sofa to move closer to it. Tap on the middle cushion on the sofa and you will find a grass scissors there. Pick it up. While on this side of the room, take a note of the chessboard and the jar lineup on the table, plus the button pattern at the sofa.

Room Escape Apartment - Second RoomRoom Escape Apartment - Get the grass scissors under the middle cushion

3. Go back to the right side of the room, and tap the table. You will see 3×3 tiles on the floor and the main character will say “I guess I need to follow some pattern i’ve already seen”. That’s the clue.. you just need to follow the chessboard pattern, that is to alternate the color of the tile between white and black.

Room Escape Apartment 3x3 TilesRoom Escape Apartment - Arrange the tile like the chessboard

Once you’ve done that, the second key will show up on the top left of the tile.

4. Now you have two keys and a grass scissors, it’s time to use the scissors, on the same room, tap the green leaves at the top left of the screen to get closer to it, and the main character will say: “Is there something behind the bush?”. Now tap on the grass scissors at the inventory and then tap the top of the leaves. You will find that behind the leaves there are a few numbers written in roman letter at the wall, 8 4 3 7. Take a note of it.

Room Escape Apartment - Use the scissors to cut the leavesRoom Escape Apartment Roman Numbers at the wall

5. Now click on the kitchen counter, and you will find 4 zeroes on the floor, and the main character will say: “Did you know that Rome wasn’t built in a day?”. Well we just found 4 roman numbers before, and you just need to enter that number.

Room Escape Apartment - Enter the roman number hereRoom Escape Apartment - Entered correctly and a key will show up

After you enter the number correctly ( 8 4 3 7), you will hear a sound and then you can find the key near there.

6. Ok, continue to the right side of the room now. Take a note of the pattern of the electric stove, we will use that later. Now tap on the oven and you will see 4 red bars in there, plus the main character saying “I just know I have seen a hint for this somewhere.”. Yeap, you’ve already seen it.. it’s the jar lineup on the table, the key is to match the height of the red bars wit the jars from left to right.

Room Escape Apartment - Third RoomRoom Escape Apartment arrange the red bar like this

Once you have set it like the picture above, you will hear a sound and a key will appear on the left side of the oven handle.

7. Now go back to the place with the sofa and chessboard on the table. Tap on place between the sofa and the chair near the round table, and you will see 4 dots in the floor and the clue: “It’s getting hot in here!”. Hot.. remember the electric stove pattern? just use the same pattern as it and you’ll see a tool showing up nearby. Tap on the tool to put it on the inventory.

Room Escape 4 dots on the floorRoom Escape Apartment Set the dots with this color

8. Continue to the right side and tap on the Television, the main character will say ” TV – my second best friend after sofa.”, and on the TV screen you can see 12 dots that you can tap and change color into green / black / white. The clue here is the sofa. Remember the button pattern of the sofa? Well that’s the answer. Change the dots color correctly according to the button pattern of the sofa and you will see a hammer shows up. Pick it up

Room Escape Apartment - Fourth RoomRoom Escape Apartment - 12 dots on TV screenRoom Escape Apartment - Arrange the 12 dots on TV Screen

9. Now tap the picture above the TV, and you willl get the clue: “I wonder what’s behind this painting”. Clearly there is something behind the picture. You just need to tilt your device to the left so the picture will slide off and you will see a knife. Tap the knife to put it in the inventory.

Room Escape Apartment - picture above the TVRoom Escape Apartment - tilt the device to the left

10. Go to the right side of the room, and tap the upper chair near the round table. You will get close to the chair and get another clue: “Ouch! I am not sitting on it anymore!”. Use the knife to cut open the chair’s cushion and you will find a key inside.

Room Escape Apartment - Chair near the round TableRoom Escape Apartment Cut the chair cushion with knife

11. Now go back to the place with the electric stove and you can see there’s a coconut near the stove. Tap the coconut to get close to it, and the main character will say: “I think it takes more than just strong hands to crack this one.” Use the tool you found below the sofa on the coconut, and then click the hammer and shake your device. If you do it correctly, the coconut will cut open and you can get your sixth key.

Room Escape Apartment - Coconut near the electric stoveRoom Escape Apartment - Use the tool on the coconutRoom Escape Apartment Use the hammer and shake the device to cut open the coconut

12. Now go to the room with the apartment’s door and tap on it to get close. Use all six keys to the door and the door will open. Tap on the door to finish the game.

Room Escape Apartment Use the keys on the doorRoom Escape Apartment Door Open!

Congratulations! you just escaped the apartment!

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