Forest Camp Escape Walkthrough

A room escape game by funny games, it got a simple graphic but entertaining. In case you stuck to help the scientist, follow the forest camp escape walkthrough here
your job is to repair the boat by finding some items to repair it, because the boat is sinking !


forest camp escape solutions :
enter the tent to get a backpack
go out and take hammer and 4 nails near the tent
look at the tree on right, get a shovel and can

use the shovel to dig on the dirt under the tent, get an anchor

click the compass from inventory, take the top pin
use the pin to unlock the backpack, get a pliers and cutter
use the cutter to cut both tent’s rope
combine the rope, then add the anchor

tap on the boat to change the screen, get a paddle behind tree
zoom in the boat then use the rope + anchor on it


pull the boat and click on it
there’s a hole on boat
click on the can then use pliers to cut into a long tin foil
use it to cover the hole, then add 4 nails + hammer
now the scientist is on the boat, give him the paddle to escape

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