Escape Challenge Level 9 Walkthrough

putsisgames room escape game cheat : escape challenge level 9 walkthrough
a hole in the middle with crocodile and snake in it
a box and cage on left
a cabinet and faucet on the right



escape challenge level 9 solution :
look at the number on the left crate : 2131
use it on the top cabinet on the right
get a wrench from the pot inside

look on the wooden board next to the faucet
use wrench to remove 4 bolts and take a green key
look on the cage and open it with green key, get the knob for faucet
place the knob on the faucet

find out the correct color for shape on bottom cabinet
the colors are around the room :
green pentagon = on the hole
red circle = wooden board on faucet
blue square = statue on left
yellow triangle = on wooden plank
open the cabinet and take a bucket inside

use the faucet on the fountain to get water
look on the hole and fill in the water to the middle
take another water and do the same thing twice more
and you will get the key

open the door with the yellow key


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