Escape Challenge Level 10 Walkthrough

putsisgames room escape game help : escape challenge level 10 walkthrough
there are 2 rooms that you can view, use the arrow to see the other room
the first room have a lot of items, from painting, cabinet, table, chair, and a red symbol with sewer on the floor
on the other room there are 4 green symbols on the wall and 4 code of **** that you can enter in the middle



escape challenge level 10 solution :
go to other room, and look the symbols upside down
now you must see it in half for each symbols to get a number
the answers are : 1 3 7 2
now you must find a key to open the box

back to 1st room and look on the left painting, memorize the color
now click the cabinet below the painting and change the square like the painting
o – – – o
– o – o –
– – o – –
– – o – –
o o o o o
get the 1st object

click the cabinet on the right and solve the green circuits puzzle
when it open, click the teddy bear and get a red strings

press the cabinet on the corner with clock, tap the clock to see where it stops
now change the * into :
2 4
7 9
get a can opener

click on the left table
tap all the speakers to move and reveal a can
use the can opener to open and get a magnet

combine magnet and string inside inventory
click the sewer and use the item to reach the 2nd object

press the left wall and put both objects on the place
get a yellow key for the safe

go to other room and use key to open the box
get the door key and escape from the door


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