House of Fear Escape Walkthrough

2nd horror escape game by dim_ok that you can play on android device. Read House of fear Walkthrough for step by step guide to solve the puzzle hints and clue.
you can use cheat to open the door for couple on the 2nd hallway : 5796 but you need to put their soul back, so there’s really no shortcut way to end this game 😛


video answer for all step :

house of fear escape solutions :
get these item on the room with 3 skeletons :
1. bottle on the shelf
2. chain on the left skeleton’s arm
3. skull on right skeleton
4. rope on skeleton’s head on floor
5. lockpick on left floor

select the lockpick from inventory and use it on the door keyhole, keep rotating the lockpick until the OPEN light on
wait until the eyes on the bars gone then you can click it, if you click when the eyes still there.. you’ll die ;P

there’s a little girl on hallway, don’t click her yet
open inventory and select skull + rope then combine it as a weapon
use the weapon then click the girl, she will turned into skeleton
tap it to get a wood handle, and click the left skeleton to pick up a screwdriver tip
open inventory and combine the handle with screwdriver tip to make a complete tool

click right arrow to change view, you will see a door that block with planks
use screwdriver to remove all 3 planks
pick up the pipe on floor, then open inventory to dismantle the pipe into pipe – valve

go to left side until you see a wall with brick and a pipe on right side
put the valve from inventory to the right faucet
then select the bottle to click on the faucet, you will get a water inside the bottle

go back to the door with planks that you’ve removed
inside you can use the bottle to put out the fire on fireplace to get a key
click the bookshelf for a book with numbers : 5310-2581
do the math and you will get 2729

click the right painting to see a shelf, also get the matches box on top of the fireplace
enter the code number to open the safe : 2729
you can get a soul gem crystal inside
tap the left door to remove the plank and get out

use the key to open the 2nd door on the left
pick up the weight on right side
on the wall there’s a word : LOST
if you read it upside down, it’s number : 1507
tap the left skeleton near door to get a lockpick
get out and go to the other side of hallway with painting and open the left door with lockpick

inside you can see 3 painting and 3 candles
use the matches to light up the candles then press on the middle picture
you’re back to the past
go outside and move to the end of 2nd hallway where you will find a door with code
enter 1507 to open
get a yellow gem inside

go to the room with bookshelf and fireplace, it’s the first hallway and right door
on the hallway you can get a torch first, then open the door with lockpicking tool

use the soulgem crystal on the ghost
select the torch and click the fireplace
use the pipe to break the skull on the right side on top of the fireplace
you can get a green gem

click on the floor there’s a puzzle that you need to reorder the number into :
1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12
13 14 15 blank
then the door will open, get a red gem

go outside and put the torch back on the left wall
click on the hanging skull for hint to put the gems
there’s 1 gem missing, the blue color one

go back to the present by pressing the middle picture on 2nd room hallway
then move to the room with bookshelf and fireplace
the door on the floor should be open by now
get blue gem and 2 bullets inside

back to the past
go to the first hallway and to open the door on the left you must put the gems in the correct order :
left : blue
top : yellow
bottom : green
right : red

inside you can use the crystal to the ghost
then tap the painting to make it fall on floor and get the key on the wall

back to the present
go to the first hallway and click on the lamp
dismantle it to get a wire and light bulb
go to the end of 2nd hallway for room with bricks, it should be open by now
go inside and use key to open the door

combine the weight with chain inside inventory
then use it on the lamp
a secret door will open on the right
go in and get a shotgun on wall
combine he gun with bullets inside inventory, then select it
ope the left door to kill the skeleton

move in and click on the bottom left corner of the carpet for your key, open the right cabinet and go inside
use the bulb to put on the lamp on the table, there’s a hint for code : 5796

go outside back to the 2nd hallway
then click on the right door to enter the code number and use the crystal on the couple
they will give you a key


back to the room where you get shotgun on wall
use the key to open the right door and exit to escape

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