House of Fear Walkthrough

The first horror room escape game by dim_ok where you must help saving your friend inside a spooky haunted house, house of fear walkthrough will help you lead the way and escape through the door less in 5 minutes.
your job is to find the key and open the correct door, the monster will scare you off the screen so watch out !


cheats for house of fear answer :

you can see text from your friend :
help me! i’m in an old house! i can not get out! they shut me!

house of fear solution :
click the house
look at the right wall before you go inside, there’s a key
use the key to unlock the middle door and go in
go through the door then click the barrel
move forward to the door

tap the left switch on the wall, the wall will move up then you can go and kill the zombie
click the top ball on the middle window
a police zombie will show up, then the ball will fall and you can go to the door below the window

press the floor near open door for key
go to next room and click the door to make it fall

tap the bricks that blocking your way until it fall down
move on and click the left door
click the window for key and go on

click the door forward and tap the left door
open the white door where you can see a wheelchair
tap the right wall for key then the door
move on forward to the hallway with doll


pull down the 3rd rope and go forward
move forward 2x then click on the lamp to kill the zombie
you will see a red door open it
click right arrow 2x
and press the girl… watch out for the scary face >.<

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