Smart Room 3 Walkthrough

Smart Room 3 Walkthrough for MOFUYA 3rd room escape game that you can play on your ios device (ipad, iphone, ipod) by downloading this game on itunes
脱出 スマートルーム3 game by Masaki Taguchi


the story will start where you still stuck on the ninja house :
Where is here ? I’ve escaped from the roof though, another room ?
i’ve gotta get out here too !

video cheat guide :

smart room escape 3 solutions :
move the blue pot and pick up the key
move to the right
use the silver key to open the hatch on floor
you can see downstairs, but you only need to click the match box

go to right
open the right cabinet door and get a ladle
go back to the left room and use scoop on the blue pot to get a water

back to the cabinet, this time look at the shelf
open the green scroll : 4 square with japanese words
select the ladle to put water on the scroll
you will see some arrows

back and go to the right side
click on left wall, now press the order like the scroll :
bottom left – bottom right
top left – top right
press the blue button to unlock the hatch
open and get a candle inside

back to the shelf now press on the lamp box on top of the cabinet to move it
put the candle and light the fire with matches
put back the lamp box cover then you will see a clue on window
remember the yellow color :
o x o x
o o x o
o o o o
x o o x

go to the left and click on the square on wall
make a green color to the square like the window
press the red button to rotate the door and get a crowbar

back to the room with blue pot and use the crowbar to open the floor
obtain the ladders
go to the right and open the hatch then set the ladders
go down

move to the left and open the right cabinet door to get ignition materials
press the bonsai twice to get a gold key
back upstairs to the room with lamp
use the gold key to open left cabinet door
get a ninja knife

back to downstairs to the room with bonsai
click the ceiling
use the ninja knife on the rope to cut it
click the window on the right and get the hammer

move left and open the wooden door on right
use hammer to break the glass
get a marionette then press the red button

tap the picture on wall and pick up the blue candle
back to upstairs to the room with lamp
place the blue candle on lamp and light it up with match
the clue on the window pointing right
click the window and get an arrow

back to room with bonsai downstairs
click on the ceiling and use arrow on the button
look back at the bonsai, this time open the left cabinet door
get an iron bottle

move left and pace the iron kettle on top of the stove
and pour a water inside the kettle
open the stove, place the ignition materials and light a fire with match

wait for water to boil, then put hot water in the ladle
get a spring from the oven
go to the bonsai cabinet and look at the right space
place the marionetter infront of the space
use spring on the doll, then get a crank

back to upstairs to the lamp
click the red scroll, put hot water on the scroll
remember the dot spot
go to the blue pot, click the paper on wall
change the kunai position pointing the red dot like the scroll
left – borrom right
right – top right
press the red button
go back and get a gear

move to left and look at the door on right wall
open and place the gear
use the crank on the wall above door, a stairs will drop
open the door and get a wooden key

go to the left and click on the red box on the shelf
use the wooden key to open and get a ninja stars

move downstairs and pull the string on right
use the ninja stars on the purple box, then click it
remember the shuriken position
x o o o
o x o o
x o o o
o o x x

go above and press the square on door like the ninja stars
press red button and press the door for box


move to the stairs
use the bow to shoot on the target on top left
now i hope you remember your way out before taking the sword ?
get the sword and run downstairs 2x and cut the door with yellow planks
and escape the room

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