Cubic Room 3 Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Part 1 of room escape game solution : cubic room 3 chapter 1 walkthrough
look at the bookshelf on the left
order the book hardcover so you can get a butterfly image :
blue – blue – red – green – green – blue – red – red – green
get a H lego shape


go to left room
look at the sofa, get a piece of paper from the right side
click at the table on the right and press on the top shelf
press the top left side to get a power cord
look t the corner of the left room to obtain a red magnet

move to the left room
click on the shelf on the table
open the 2nd drawer to get a manual of cubic room – room escape game
open book and complete the piece from the paper :
memo : pass ctrl + G

tap the computer backside from the left side
connect the power cord and the outlet on bottom left
now tap the computer backside from right side
press the power button
enter a pass :
look at the memo :
under the monitor there are 4 buttons that you can press :
L-eft key
C-enter key
R-ight key
T-rack pad

so click on C, T, R, L, T, C, T to unlock the password
now press on the music icon to hear a piano sound
move back and click the piano
play the piano like the music song (if you have any trouble, just look at the video guide)

get a white piano key on floor, open to obtain a blue key
go to the left and click on right wall
place the magnet and open the drawer
get a T shape, then get the magnet back

move to the left, click on the small safe
open with blue key and get a + shape and battery
press the button on battery, the left sofa will open
look inside for puzzle :
Thanks to You
there are 4 space with 2 between it : x x x 2 x

use the block to fill in the space :
T H X 2 U
T = T shape
H = H shape
X = + shape
U = magnet

back and look at the right sofa, pick up a yellow key inside
go to the right and open the door lock with this key


video cheat guide :

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