Cubic Room 3 Chapter 2 Walkthrough

Part 2 of room escape game answers : cubic room 3 chapter 2 walkthrough
go to the roof through the stairs, there’s a helicopter
get a remote control under the helicopter
flip back the remote to see a slot, and place the battery on it


go right to the ladder and move into the helicopter
get a book from back seat : 2nd pass
go outside and move to the right, there are 4 circle buttons with color :
red – green – yellow – blue

find the hint to rotate the color into the correct direction :
red : clock on the computer (inside room) pointing between 7 and 8
yellow : inside helicopter on the controller pointing top left
green : inside helicopter on the controller pointing top right
blue : on remote control left button there’s a blue pointing bottom left
change each circle direction by pressing, there will be an animation of window open

go downstairs and look at the piano music sheet for piano tune :
open the 2nd pass book and look at the music note, if you read it and combine them you will get : BEEF – EGG – COFFEE
the clue is how much ?
move to the right and click on the computer
click the middle icon, enter 2nd pass
open the book and look at the cover : 2nd pass with C and enter button
the hint is is press on the C+enter = center button
look at the hand, the other clue is 3 short press then 1 long press

the burger menu will open
look at the price for BEEF, EGG, COFFEE its a total of 835 yen

go to the roof and move left
click the red box below the helicopter, press the button 8 – 3 – 5 in order
get a red block inside

go downstairs and move to the right room with sofa
click on the left side where you can find the “thanks to you” puzzle
pick up the T H X block, then combine these blocks on the red block
you will get a helicopter

click on top of the safe box
there’s and H symbol, place the helicopter on it
now click the remote control
you will see the animation of helicopter flying out through the window and back
get the red key from helicopter

go to the helicopter on the roof and get inside
go to the cockpit and place the key on the keyhole on top right
click the green escape button and you will fly to escape the cubic room


video cheat guide :

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