Cubic Room 3 Walkthrough Room Escape Game

Cubic Room 3 Walkthrough Room Escape Game – The Stage is made of blocks of lego and you’re stuck inside this cubic room, can you find a way out and leave ?
CUBIC ROOM3 -room escape- By Tasuku Kaimori that you can play on ios device (iphone, ipod, ipad) from itunes


i think the difficult part on this room escape game is you must know the piano tunes and how to read the music scale, other than that it’s all pretty much a simple puzzle to solve.
there are 2 part of this game help guide :
cubic room 3 chapter 1
cubic room 3 chapter 2

the first part is to find key to open the door, and for the second part you must find key for the helicopter.. because it’s your way out from the building.

solution with video cheat guide :
cubic room3 chapter 1


cubic room3 chapter 2

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