Smart Room 2 Walkthrough

Smart Room 2 Walkthrough Guide to escape this game, you must solve some puzzle and get a key card for the elevator and click on the R button
脱出 スマートルーム2 開発: MOFUYA


2rd room escape game by MOFUYA that you can play on your ios device (ipad, iphone, ipod) by downloading this game on itunes

video cheat guide :

smart room 2 solutions :
click the switch on wall to turn off the electricity, see a hint on door :
up – down – left – right – square – circle

move to the right, look at the bottom right hatch and open it for a silver key
go to the other side, room with fridge
open the bottom left door and get a blue chair
open the bottom right fridge to get a tofu cheese
back to the door and put the chair on bottom left under the shelf box
now click on the box and use the silver key to the keyhole on the box
get a crank

go to the other side room with valve
place the crank on left hole, a machine will came up
press up – down – left – right – square – circle on this machine, then click on the lever on the right
back and get a green fuse
back to the door, place the chair and climb up to click the box then place the green fuse on its spot

move right to the elevator and click on the 2nd floor button
go to the left and click on the cabinet
open the bottom drawer and get a spray bottle
now place chair on the left and click on the top shelf
obtain a glass bottle

move to the left
get a wrench on lower right near the microwave
open the middle green drawer to get a blue key mold

back to the elevator and use the wrench on the left box bolt
get a magic hand inside
back to the first floor
go to the right and use the wrench on the valve pipe

back to 2nd floor
click on the air vent on the bottom right
use the magic hand to reach it and get a red fuse
move right and click on the faucet
use the bottle on the water to fill in

back to the 1st floor, go to the left and place the chair so you can put in the red fuse inside the box

go to 2nd floor, move to room with microwave
place a tofu cheese inside and click the microwave button
get a grilled cheese tofu

move to the cat toy on the right room
place the grilled tofu cheese to the cat and get a blue fuse

back to the 1st floor, move left and place the last blue fuse to the box

go to the left and open the freezer top door
place a mold inside and add a water of bottle on it
close the door and move around the room then click the freezer door open
get an ice key

move to 2nd floor and go to the right
click on the pipe, you will see a small door
use the blue key to unlock and get a gold key
move to the right and open the top green drawer using the blue key
get a paint knife inside

go to 1st floor and move to room with fridge
use the gold key to open the top cabinet door
get a melted metal inside

tap the painting right to the refrigerator
use the spray bottle on it, then use paint knife to click on it
remember the x spot
go to 2nd floor and move to left room
click the square on the wall, press on the square like the x spot
o o o o
o x x o
o o x o
x x x x
back and open the left hatch, get another key mold


move to the left
put in the mold and melted material inside the microwave
close door and press the microwave stove
use the magic hand to get the hot key
back to the 1st floor, go to the left and use the red key to open the door
open the door and press the red button, get a uv flashlight
close the door and turn off the light by clicking the switch
use the flashlight on door to see your last clue :
left – circle – right – square – up – down – up – down
go to the machine and click on the arrow, shape, then pull down the lever
go back, open the machine door and get a keycard
move to the elevator and use the keycard on the right button
now press R button and exit the door

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