Escape : Mathematician’s Chamber Walkthrough

Game Escape : Mathematician’s Chamber Walkthrough Guide to find out the puzzle code for the door and solve the math formula
脱出ゲーム: 数学者の書斎 開発: WaveA PTE.LTD.


video cheat help :

mathematicians chamber solutions :
click on the table, get a cable near the keyboard
tap on the book on right side, get a fuse
click on the red pen stand, pick up the charger
open the charger and place the fuse inside on the left spot

look under the chair, press on the carpet below the chair
move the carpet and turn over the carpet until you see a power cord
on inventory click on the charger and combine with the power cord
press the switchboard on the left wall and plug in the cable

tap the pc on the table, look at the left side
connect the power cord to the outlet
you will see some 8 triangle with yellow, red, blue, green colors
go to the left and see the white board for the hint of color :
top left : red
bottom left : yellow
top right : blue
bottom right : green

back to the monitor and click on these dots to make the correct colors :
bottom left and bottom right buttons
obtain key from the PC

go to the other side were you can see cabinet and clock
open the cabinet with key
click on bottom left clock that showing 12:00, get a screwdriver tip behind the clock
get the handle on top right behind the clocks
combine both part into a screwdriver

click the red clock right to the cabinet
use the screwdriver to open the glass
get an iron between VIII and VI from the clock
remember the hint : ☆ → 3 ↓ 2
back to the cabinet and look at the clock on top left, there’s a star on it
now using the hint you can get move right 3x and down 2x
you can click on the clock that showing 10:10

back to the red clock and change the short hand into X and long hand into II
get a paper note from the pendulum
it’s showing some numbers :
3 – 5
– 2 –
1 – 4

go to the left, click on the glass of ship model
press the top side to see the 5 buttons
using the hint from the paper note you must order the numbers, here are the answers to click :
1. bottom left
2. top right
3. top left
4. bottom right
5. bottom left
get 2 blue battery

press on the left side of the glass case, click on the switch
tap the top side and open the buttons part
get the second iron, combine it with the 1st iron that you get from the clock
use it to take the ship model out

click on the ship until you get a key and treasure chest
inside the treasure chest you can find a note of formula

go to the left
look at the table drawer on right side, use the key to open the 2nd drawer
get a red square inside, and click the drawer again to get a cutter
double click the cutter to make the blade out

back to the room with clock side
click on the table and turn over the chessboard
place the red square on it you will see some letters on squares
now use the cutter to make a square hole

go to the right then click on the lamp
look at the bottom part of the lamp, use the screwdriver to open
place the battery inside and turn on the lamp

place the combined iron on the left wood near the lamp
you can see the shadow making some numbers and shape : + △ = 65
back to the white board and click the right side
you can see a lot of formula
place the red square on the board and you can see a lot of symbols and numbers
but if you rearrange the alphabets from hole you can get PASSWORD which from this symbol order you can get :
0 + △ △ 2 X Z Y

now use the notes to get the value of :
A=1, B=12, C=9, D=10

and it’s confirm that X=3, Y=4, Z=9 and from the light shadow : +△=65
so you have the value of PASSWORD=06552394

click on the door and press the keypad code numbers then click E to open and escape the room


Here’s the fin :
Grandpa.. I hve your puzzles but they’re very hard.
Grandpa…., actually i’ve ben terribly distressed by my business lately. And so i miss you.
Grandpa…. But i feel so energized in the presence of your amazing puzzles. Maybe i really can solve my life’s problems through careful thinking. Yeah, i think i can get past it all.
Grandpa… You’re always in my mind. Grandpa… Thanks. Grandpa… I miss you again

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