Smart Room Walkthrough

Smart Room Walkthrough help to escape this game – the door is locked from outside, that’s why you must open it using a bomb and to find the bomb, it’s locate on upstairs and you must collect 2 statue with red and blue color
脱出 スマートルーム 開発: MOFUYA


mmm… i feel a headache. where am i ? am i trapped ??
i’ve gotta get out here !

video cheat guide :

a room escape game by MOFUYA that you can play on your ios device (ipad, iphone, ipod) by downloading this game on itunes

smart room solutions :
press the switch to see the hint on door : 6 (blue)
move to the right and open blue safe, pick up a candle
go to right and open the box on the cabinet, get a cup
open the red box drawer for a wrench
tap the right side and get a card of thunder

go to the right room
input the lightning card on the slot and press the red button
get a battery
move to the other side of the room with safe box
click on the panel, it’s bolted
use wrench to remove the bolt and open the cover
attach the battery inside and press the red lever on left
the ladder will come down

press to move up, open the fridge and obtain a cheese
move to the left and open the first drawer to see hint : 2 (green)
open the second drawer and get a card of fire

go to left room and look your last number clue : 3 (red)
open the right drawer and pick up the card of water
back to the ladder
press on the panel and input the number using the color as guide : 362
get a red statue

go down and use the cheese on the cat toy, you will obtain a seed
move left twice and use the fire card on the slot then press red button
use the candle from inventory to lit the candle
use the water card and press red button, use the cup to get a water

move to the left and click on the right side
put the seed, then pour the water from cup on it to water the soil

open the box on cabinet and remember the yellow pattern
go up using the ladder and move to the left
click on the box on right side, change the green light like the yellow pattern
press the switch to see the hint on wal
now input : water – fire – lightning cards in order to each slot
obtain the card of sun

go down using the ladder and move to the machine to input the card
place the card of sun and press red button
get a lamp of sun

go up and look for a room with table and green drawer
look under the table, there’s an air vent
use wrench to remove the bolts, then use candle to light the inside
get a gold key
go to the left and open the green box using gold key
place the lamp of sun to the slot

go down to the seed, and open the flower for silver key

move to left and open the safe under the cat toy
get a blue statue


go up and move left, place both statue on each color
get a bomb
go down to the card machine, use the card of fire and press red button
lit the bomb to the candle, there’s a countdown timer from 10
so use the remaining time to move to left and select the bomb to press the door
exit and escape from this room

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