Escape Game Supercat Walkthrough

Escape Game Supercat Walkthrough – Play wiliam the cat on this super cat game By Fruitstone on your ios device that you can download from itunes
super cat video cheat guide :


escape game supercat solution :
click on the blue supercat book next to the monitor, get a white paper between the book
tap the ink left to the monitor and get the quill
combine the paper with paper from inventory to get a “scat” hint

move to the right shelf and click the box on top, open it and get 2 items : mouse and oil can
click the blue hanging ball on right side, tap to open and get a spring inside
click the blue UFO on the shelf, look at the bottom part and place the spring to get a green battery

look at the blue clock on left side of the shelf, open the cover of backside and place the battery inside
check out the clock time : 9:00
look at the piggy bank on the lower side, click the button on backside
press the book on the upper right corner and get a key
use the oil can on the rusty key to make it shining gold

back to the monitor side, this time click on the bottom drawer
from 9:00 you can get a 21:00 so enter 2 and 1 for the code
open the drawer and open the green box with gold key for a knife

click the monitor and enter scat as the password, open the file and you can see the location

move to the left and go downstairs by clicking the left wall
pick up the yellow umbrella and tap the green carpet to flip it
obtain a red button


click the wall below the window, use the knife and input the red button
press it to open the window, now there are 2 ending you can get :
first if you open the monitor and find out the location of your girl then you will get a good ending
but if you go out the window without open the monitor, you will get a bad ending 😛 just read the story.. it’s funny !

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