Kalaquli R Walkthrough Room Escape Game

Room escape game by 58works solution guide : kalaquli r walkthrough – break out of the ninja house now


kalaqulir video cheat help :

find the way how to solve the hidden mysteries as exploring around in order to escape from the Ninja house

look at the helmet and picture, its a picture of moon and the helmet missing something
go to the left, pick up ninja blade on floor
open the door and go to the garden, use the weapon to kill the ninja with arrow on the top left tree
look at the statue left side and pick up a moon shape
now look on right statueand get a wooden circle
press the bamboo to see some hints like morse code

back inside and move to the left
click on the right shelf and get the iron
look at the dumpling and count the number of each color :
pink = 5
white = 3
green = 4

go to the left and look at the ceiling
use the iron stick to reach the 2nd wooden circle
move to left room, place the crescent shape to the helmet
get the 3rd wooden circle

look at the right door, pull the iron circle to the left so you can see the hidden room
tap the hatch and change the symbol into the number of dumpling color so you get the last wooden circle

go to the right room and look on the floor
press it and there are 4 spot to place the circle
based on the bamboo picture, you can place the wooden circle like this :
1. o –
2. o o
3. – –
4. – o

move inside and look at the picture
left : blowing bamboo
right : gold under the plant

tap the right picture and get a scroll, then open it to see some line clue
go to the right room and get a hoe stick from lower right
look at the lantern and get the plate
back to the garden and look at the left side for plant
use the hoe to the grass and get a gold money

back to the room and move to the left, where you can see 6 wooden square on wall
press like the line scroll tips :
1. top right
2. bottom right
3. top middle
4. bottom middle
5. top right
6. bottom right
and the ladder will appear, go up

open the secret door on right and get blow gun pipe
kill the enemy on left tree with this weapon
move forward to the box and put in the gold money to get a key

go downstairs and open the cabinet with the key to get a truncheon
back to the right room and look at the device in the middle
there are 3 holes, place in the truncheon to make the red color change into green then open the door
go up and get a candle, place the candle on the plate
use the hoe to get a wooden item on ceiling

look at the wall on the front left
use the wooden item to peel the wall and find some picture :
crescent moon – berry fruits – bowl

find these items on downstairs and remember the color :
moon = yellow
berry = red
bowl = blue

back to the lantern room and place the plate back
you will see some dots on the lantern
go upstairs and move to the right
change the dots like the lantern pattern and get a handle


move to the left to find 3 white square
change the color into yellow, red, blue to make a square wood pop up
then use the handle on the left square wood
now you can escape from this ninja house

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