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Little Hero 2 Walkthrough – Solution for room escape game by


Enlarge the bookshelf on the right side, tap the book with red and blue cover on lower shelf.
[R + G]
Back and get an orange kindergarten bag at the top of the barrel.
Open the bag in the item column to get a transceiver, look at the back side.. it’s missing something.

Move to the left
Open the middle drawer of the white shelf, get a button battery from the inside.
Flip over the walkie-talkie on inventory and put a battery inside, press the yellow button on the transceiver to turn on the power then get a red wire

Move twice to the left and look at the griffin picture, that’s your clue
Go back to the white shelf, look at the bottom right door.
Connect the red wire and complete the puzzle picture, it’s a picture of griffin head.
Get a chemical bottle after the door open
Move twice to the left, click on the small table for another bottle.

Move to the left. Look at the back of the barrel and twist the valve.
Move to the left, open the right glass door and tap the box to reveal a green valve.. click it
There’s also another valve on upper left white shelf wall side, press it.
Move twice to the left, enlarge the wash basin and click the faucet.
You will see a green liquid, choose the green bottle on inventory then use it on the liquid.

Move twice to the right, and look on the bars.. now use the bottle to open the door

I enter the room behind bars
I get a cloth from the bed.

Move twice to the right.
Enlarge toilet paper.
I turn the toilet paper.
Move to the left.
Enlarge brick wall.
Open by examining the bricks.
I get the handle from the inside.
Move twice to the right. Enlarge gear wall.
I attach a handle to the gear.
I turn the steering wheel.
I remove the handle.
I leave the room behind bars.
Enlarge stuffed in the wall of the right back.
I remove the horn to the right of the stuffed.
I put the chemicals in green left eye stuffed.
I get a driver from mouth stuffed.
Enlarge the electrical box to the left bookshelf
I open the electrical box with a screwdriver.
I get a key from the inside.
Enters the room behind bars, a larger wall posters of the bed side.
Zuzu is with a screwdriver screws poster.
I get a chain cutter.
I attach a handle to the chain cutter in item column.

Move to the right.
I cut a chain cutter chain is in the corner of the wall.
Move to the left.
I get the chain through the hole that tore the poster.
Get the weight by examining the chain in the item column.
Move Right out of the room behind bars.
Enlarge the wall there is a tool.
I hook the chain on wooden board wall.
Check the machine for winding up the chain and remove the wooden board.
I get a blue chemicals from within.
Through the brick room behind bars, Giving the driver.
I get a blue weight.
Check the brick again, get the weight of the green.
I leave the room behind bars.
The expansion of a model home in the bed right.
I open the lid of the model of the house.
I put the weight of each color on the color point. “Green, blue, red” from the left
Get the writer opened the drawer.
I want to recover the weight of three.
Move twice to the left.
Enlarge the scales right back.
I will confirm the weight of the weight of three.
Red: 13g
Blue: 35g
Green: 54g

Move to the right.
Open the writer in the item column, make sure that the fire does not stick.
Check that oil is by examining the foot of the wall lamp.
Enlarge the valve at the bottom of the barrel.
I check the oil on the floor of the valve side
I move the valve side of the vessel
Return the screens, and go around the room.
When you expand the vessel again, oil is in the vessel.
Select a writer, to examine the vessel, put the oil to the writer.
Put a fire by examining the writer in item column.
I pick up a book red bookshelf lower to the right.
Opening the red book using the key.
Use the lighter to the lower right corner of the red book, it seems the contents When roast with fire.
Check the chemical preparation of the report XGA.
Figure of preparation methods have showed a shape that they support weight,
and substituting the expression the weight of the weight of each
3 × 13 = 39: red
green: 54
blue: 2 × 35 = 70

Move to the left.
A larger container that is on the scale right.
It is the input screen of the drug Select the drug, If you examine the container.
Red: 39g
Blue: 70g
Green: 54g
I enter the numbers


I get the drug.
Move to the left.
Enlarge figurine of gold at the top of the shelf.
I use chemicals to figurine.
I get a card key.
Go to the room behind bars, passing the card key through the brick.
Take the room, to confirm the picture of Griffon.
Move to the left.
Enlarge wall lamp.
I put a cloth on the lamp.
I return the screen.
I want to see the constellations mirrored in the light.
I take the cloth from the lamp.
From the green of the lower bookshelf
I see that constellation gave me is “orion”.
Move to the right.
The expansion devices side wall of the door.
And the lock is released by entering the “orion”.
Escape by opening the door.

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