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Little Hero 2 Walkthrough

Little Hero 2 Walkthrough – Solution for room escape game by Gotmail.jp

Enlarge the bookshelf on the right side, tap the book with red and blue cover on lower shelf.
[R + G]
Back and get an orange kindergarten bag at the top of the barrel.
Open the bag in the item column to get a transceiver, look at the back side.. it’s missing something.

Move to the left
Open the middle drawer of the white shelf, get a button battery from the inside.
Flip over the walkie-talkie on inventory and put a battery inside, press the yellow button on the transceiver to turn on the power then get a red wire

Move twice to the left and look at the griffin picture, that’s your clue
Go back to the white shelf, look at the bottom right door.
Connect the red wire and complete the puzzle picture, it’s a picture of griffin head.
Get a chemical bottle after the door open
Move twice to the left, click on the small table for another bottle.

Move to the left. Look at the back of the barrel and twist the valve.
Move to the left, open the right glass door and tap the box to reveal a green valve.. click it
There’s also another valve on upper left white shelf wall side, press it.
Move twice to the left, enlarge the wash basin and click the faucet.
You will see a green liquid, choose the green bottle on inventory then use it on the liquid.

Move twice to the right, and look on the bars.. now use the bottle to open the door

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Remote Escape Walkthrough

Escape game by IDAC CO.,LTD. help guide : remote escape walkthrough to open the main door room. Find out how to control the guard robot outside to open the door here’s the story :
The power failure, came without warning. Standby power kicked on immediately, so the lights within the vault came back on. Guess IT companies are smart about this kind of stuff.
My supervisor already went home, and since the power’s on the fritz, i might as well leave too. I finish my work and head to the vault door. But it doesn’t open. For some reason, the door’s been locked.
The door’s electric lock must have malfunctioned during the power failure. It can be opened with a card, but i don’t have one on me. I need to find some way to get out, otherwise i’ll have to spend the night in here.

You will start from the front door, back and move one screen to the right
tap the right door of the green locker
How to start up the guard robot :
The following programs are necessary for activation :
1. administration program
2. long-distance control program
3. patch program


open the left door of the green locker
tap on the dirty work suit, click right pocket
my superior’s business card :
Atsuki Satoh
Born on August 14, 1956
click on bottom right pocket : MO disc patch program

back, move to the right to see room with TV screen
tap on the right rack to zoom
click the superior game (middle) to see password “418-”
these are a numbers that read back from august 14, 1956
enter 6591 to open the lock
open the board, then click the dice


click on the briefcase
zoom in the keyhole, put the die in the keyhole
open the suitcase, click the mahjong piece

back, move to the right to see room with computer desk
open the right drawer
get a cutter and see a “full house” note

tap on the poker card rule on the wall
click on the cards on table and change the position into :
5 – 6 – 10
A – A – A – 2 – 2
open left drawer and get a disk : long-distance control program

click the keyboard, there are 3 missing piece
use the dice and cutter together, place it on 2 missing spot
use mahjong piece and cutter together, place it on the missing spot
now tap on the mahjong and dices to start the monitor turn on

click the monitor screen to see some hint
now pull out all the keyboard pieces

back to room with TV
click on the player under TV, there are 3 rectangular grooves on the surface
put the mahjong piece and dices in
click, an mo disc came out from inside : administration program

click on the right device unter TV
place all the mo disc to get something appeared on the TV
it’s the order to put disc :
1. administration program
2. patch program
3. long-distance control program
take all the mo disc

back to computer and press the device left to keyboard
input the yellow – purple – green disc
press the monitor, you will need USB memory
take all the mo disc

find a room with green chair, click the chair
there are sushi, tap on the one with fish
this one is fake, not a real food


tap the box under the doll
put in all the disc
tap the head to remove then take a USB memory stick

go to left, above crate there’s a red ‘book’
put in the blue usb, open book and get white usb


back to computer
click on the PC, put in all the usb in order : blue – red – white
the one with sushi, double click it to remove the shrimp usb

go to door, click on the white window to open
get the orange toolbox, see the hint on bottom left :
“blue sky, white clouds, red twilight”
take all the usb memory stick and put it on the box :
blue – white – red
open and get 3 card with color : blue, red, green

go to door and place these cards like the order
then enter “color” for the password
press enter

back to the rack near TV, click the top machine
combine all cards to get a black card
put in the black card on the lid, to make the lid open
a cd : control software with number 85-71-95

go to computer and place in the CD on the PC
enter the password on monitor : 155 789

now you can control the robot with the monitor, it switched over to the robot’s eye camera
you can see there’s a shelf’s blocking the door

back to normal view, break the black card to 3 color
go to the window near door
get the usb
tap the right side of window side
place the cutter, 3 disc and 3 usb

back to robot view
take all the items on window
click on the vacuum cleaner, cut off the cord using cutter


click the table, tap the machine
put the cord on the machine
move back then tap on the shelf to connect the cord
click the machine slot
put the red – blue usb and blue – red card
then move back, the shelf should be moved away

back to normal view and click the door to exit
now you can escape, all thanks to the robot

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