Escape City Level 8 Walkthrough

Cheats for Escape City Level 8 Walkthrough – We need to examine clues that we’ve found in our laboratory. Escape City Solutions to play as a rookie cop and stop the ruthless criminal gang on escape city by solving puzzle code on each stage ! Find all joker card on each room, if you collect every joker card you will have access to the secret room.
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Escape City Level 8 Cheats
look at the right per code : 1456
get a cotton swab on table, tap the monitor and change the button into open
tap the right wall and use the cotton swab to get the object
put the object into the test tube then place it on microscope
connect the object shape to get the sample
use the sample on the right wall to combine it with device

use the device as keypad to open the middle safe, press :
x 1 3
x x x
4 x 2
get a prism inside and put it on the left side

change the numbers into :
left : 561
right : 671
get the keycard and use it on the monitor to unlock door
escape to level 9


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