Escape City Level 9 Walkthrough

Answer for Escape City Level 9 Walkthrough – So the mayor is one of them. We didn’t even assume that they are together. Escape City Solutions to play as a rookie cop and stop the ruthless criminal gang on escape city by solving puzzle code on each stage ! Find all joker card on each room, if you collect every joker card you will have access to the secret room.
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Escape City Level 9 Cheats
get a pen on table and put it on the holder
look at the paper scroll clue :
1. play button
2. fingerprint + chip + mic
3. move pen holder

tap the name card for hint : alexander ismail 096 4 85
open table drawer and press on the correct numbers

tap the left safe on wall, look at the shadow for tips :
yellow = X
black = I
open the safe and get the chip

back to the table
get the right paper and use it to get fingerprint on the book
tap play button from drawer and use fingerprint + chip on it
now press the pen holder to open secret room

enter secret room
get scissors on table and use it to cut the paper on board
you will find time 10:00
tap the clock and change the time into 10:00
get key and use it to open door
escape to level 10


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